Sahiwal Killings: LHC benech receives judicial inquiry report

Lahore: On monday the two judges of lahore high court receives a judicial inquiry report against the sahiwal killings incident.

Remember the last month police operate a special operation in wich they killed a family that was traveling for a marriage cermony near sahiwal . killing 3 elder and 1 child .

LAHORE: associate degree eight-year-old boy World Health Organization witnessed the killing of his folks associate degreed an elder sister besides his neighbour close to Sahiwal by personnel of the strategy department has disclosed that his family was gunned down when one in every of the CTD personnel talked to somebody over the phone.

In a written statement submitted to the Joint Investigation Team, Umair Khalil aforementioned the armed personnel initial shot at and killed Zeeshan and so talked to somebody over the phone before gap fireplace on his father, mother and sister.

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The witness flatly rejected police’s version that somebody from within the unfortunate automobile or from a motorbike laid-off at the CTD personnel initial. “It is additionally a lie that police found any substance of act of terrorism from the automobile,” he insisted.

The boy aforementioned he along side his mother Nabila, father Khalil Ahmad, elder sister Ariba and younger sisters Muniba and Hadia along side neighbour Zeeshan left urban center on Jan nineteen. “Our neighbour Zeeshan was driving the automobile and after we reached close to Qadirabad space of Sahiwal, suddenly the armed men from behind opened fireplace on our automobile,” he said.

Eight-year-old boy submits written statement to JIT in Sahiwal shooting case; rejects police version regarding encounter

As results of huge fireplace, he said, the automobile hit the pathway, some police personnel with their lined faces reached there on 2 vans. The police personnel shot at uncle Zeeshan and killed him on the spot, he said. “Then a cop known as somebody on phone and my father offered them cash and pleaded them to not kill,” he said.

“Please take cash and don’t kill U.S.A.,” Umair aforementioned whereas quoting his father’s last plea to the shooting squad. However, he added, ignoring the request of his father, the cop when ending his phone oral communication gave a symptom to his colleagues World Health Organization unleashed huge fireplace on the automobile.

“As a results of fireplace, my father, mother and elder sister died instantly whereas I received a bullet in my leg and my younger sister in her arm,” Umair declared.

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The witness disclosed that he and his young “sisters survived as a result of before death my mother had protected Maine and my youngest sister Hadia pushing U.S.A. beneath the seats and my father hid Muniba to safeguard her from bullets”.

After stopping fireplace, he said, the CTD personnel shifted him and his 2 sisters to their vehicle and once more laid-off at the automobile. They later drove them to a distance and abandoned them at a deserted place, he said, adding that he and his sister were left in Brobdingnagian pain thanks to gunfire wounds.

A few minutes later, he said, a footer saw them weeping and crying. He born them to a petroleum pump, the boy claimed, adding that the CTD personnel World Health Organization had opened fireplace on their automobile found out the fuel pump when a while and shifted them to a neighborhood hospital.

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