Pakistan Air Force jets attempts motorway landing

Islamabd: pakistan air force,s latest miraj and f7 jets attempts motorway landing on monday. At that time many senior air force officers were also there to see there attempts the jets landed successfully on motorway.

The miraj and F67 jets refueld on motorway and also loaded with armed weapons . it was a training excercise.

pakistan is increasing its strength in Air force field by introducing advanced technologies.

ISLAMABAD: during a bid to stay prepared and ready for any quite emergency within the prevailing state of affairs, Islamic Republic of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) military plane administrated off-runway operations on motorways and highways on weekday.

The craft landed and took faraway from multiple locations. when landing, the military plane additionally took half during a refuelling and re-arming exercise.

The exercise was conducted to demonstrate PAF’s capability of having the ability to sustain high-tempo air operations.

Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed was gift on the occasion furthermore as different senior civil and military officers.

A senior official of the PAF told Dawn that the aim of the exercise was revalidation of the aptitude beneath the modified geo-strategic state of affairs.

He aforesaid that the show showed that just in case the standard airstrips weren’t on the market for a few reason, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Air Force might use non-traditional landing strips to fill again and rearm its fighter planes.

“The dynamic political science setting within the region demands abstract and belief changes within the application of aviation,” he added.

The PAF recorded a big strategic achieve­­ment once 2 of its military plane with success landed at a region of the Islamabad-Lahore superhighway, demonstrating its ability to use unconventional bases for combat operations.

After the craft had landed at the non-traditional strip, Mirage and F-7P craft were refuelled and rearmed before they took off once more.

The activity was a part of High Mark 2010, the formidable war games of PAF.

The productive landing and take-off had been delineated as a “strategic, operational and plan of action achievement”.

The demonstration of the productive usage of the motorways as airstrips passed when tensions between Republic of India and Islamic Republic of Pakistan spiked, following the Feb fourteen Pulwama attack during which quite forty paramilitary personnel of the Indian forces were killed and a minimum of seventy contusioned.

Later that month, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Air Force shot down 2 Republic of Indian Air Force craft in response to motiveless aggression by India.

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