Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s admini8tration denied Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad a right to fly over India during his recent trip to Pakistan

International relations analysts say the incident happened” -fairly rare” as India and Malaysia have a history of maintaining friendly ties over the years. Both countries have a bilateral trade worth over SIO billion and were hoping to take it to $23 billion by 2020. One possible reason for taking the unprecedented and undiplomatic step by Prime Minister Modi is Prime Minister Mohamad’s “preference- to Pakistan over India. Elizabeth Roche. an Indian AOO BUNG TO YCYUR LSE WITH MOS t ENGLISH Magazine journalist. wrote during the third visit to India by Premier Mohamad’s predecessor Najib Razak in 2017: “Many in the government and the Indian strategic community agree that bilateral ties under [former] Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. who was in power from 1981 to 2008. were far from satisfactory — mainly due to a perceived tilt towards India’s arch-rival Pakistan.” Ties between Malaysia and India showed a “marked upswing” during Najib Razak’8 government. Razak visited India multiple times and during his last trip in 2017. Malaysian businessmen signed deals worth S86 billion in areas like infrastructure development. food security and building of smart cities. A senior retired Pakistani diplomat said such a development was very rare between countries that were not overtly engaged in hostilities against each other. Yes. it can happen during -erratic- time as we have between Pakistan and India at the moment but that also shows the meanness of the Modi administration. he said. Malaysia home to over 1.7 million Hindus of Indian origin who make up almost 86 percent of all the Hindus in the country. Prime Minister Mohamad himself is of Indian origin. His grandfather. Iskandar. brought to Malaya in the late 1870s by the British East India Company from Kerala in south India to Kedah royal palace as an English language tutor.

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